• Time of flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometry


    Designed to deliver full mass range spectral data without compromise all of the time. LECO TOFMS technology provides un-skewed mass spectra, enabling spectral consistency and continuity across the whole chromatographic peak. Operating with high collection speeds affords time compressed data acquisition giving faster analysis times with vastly increased analyte detectability whilst maintaining flexibility, confidence and quality of mass spectral output.

  • High Resolution TOF MS


    Scientist needing accuracy and deep discovery mass spectrometry need LECO HRT.  Ultra High Resolution modes at your finger tips, High Mass Accuracy with confidence, full mass range spectra with efficient and High Speed detection is the reality with LECO High Resolution TOFMS (HRT) mass spectrometers.

  • ChromaTOF software


    Designed for scientists who dream of logical work flows and high performance solutions. ChromaTOF is LECO’s single software platform offering analysts the flexibility needed to meet today’s high performance Separation Science demands. Powering automated data acquisition and every step through to report generation in one seamless software solution frees operator time and improves productivity.