Pegasus BT Benchtop GC Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer


StayClean™ ion source

open-style EI source = Robust & Reliable

Quantitative Dynamic Range

5 orders of magnitude


The latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace—the LECO Pegasus® BT – is a smart investment for any laboratory looking to perform qualitative or quantitative analysis of knowns and unknowns.

The benchtop Pegasus BT combines new, compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer hardware with our powerful ChromaTOF brand software, giving you high instrument performance, complete, sensitive and reliable data. Single platform software package works seamlessly with your Pegasus BT to efficiently process your data and remove the guesswork involved with analyte identification, quantitation, and reporting.

Ideal for routine analysis (like environmental monitoring, pesticide residue, metabolomics, food/flavor/fragrance applications and many more), the Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS simplifies quantitation while also identifying more components with increased sensitivity.

The instrument delivers higher sample throughput, better chemical information, and very low maintenance costs to give you improved overall productivity in your laboratory compare to conventional quadruple GC-MS.

Benefits :

Continuous full-range high-quality spectra
The ability of a time of flight spectrometer to acquire full mass range spectra without sacrificing speed or sensitivity makes GC-TOFMS an excellent choice for qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition, the complete historical record of mass spectral components for each sample is retained for future data mining.

NonTarget Deconvolution™ (NTD™)
LECO’s proprietary automated deconvolution algorithm ensures that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences do not hinder your analyses.

Enhanced Sensitivity
Pegasus BT fg detection limit and 5 orders quantitative Dynamic Range enable analyte identification and quantification in every run, every time. No need for SIM or MS/MS to get the sensitivity you need.

StayClean™ ion source
The open-style EI source virtually eliminates downtime associated with source cleaning. Reliability and durability that have been tested over time.

Smart design
Compact hardware in convenient benchtop design saves valuable space in the laboratory

Support LECO L-PAL3 Liquid/HS/SPME Automatic Tool Exchange Autosampler as well as other auto Injectors

ChromaTOF brand software
Version 5.0 of reputed LECO ChromaTOF Mass Spectrometry Data System includes fully integrated instrument control, acquisition, processing, and reporting in one single software operating under 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10.


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

Opioid Monitoring with LECO Pegasus BT

The advent of GC-TOFMS has greatly improved the monitoring of opioid drugs and their metabolites in complex matrices such as saliva, plasma, and urine.Learn more...

Phthalate Quantitation in Plastics with LECO Pegasus BT

This application note effectively demonstrates the ability of the Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS system to quantitate four regulated phthalates in plastic consumer products.Learn more...

Discovering the Scent of Celery: HS-SPME, GC-TOFMS,and Retention Indices for the Characterization of Volatiles

Here, we analyze a celery sample with HS-SPME coupled to GC-TOFMS. Hundreds of analytes were detected in this complex sample with many contributing important odor characteristics. The resulting data provides valuable information to characterize the aroma profile of celery by determining individual analytes.Learn more...

Comparison of Aroma and Flavor Profiles of Strawberry-Flavored Candy and Fresh Strawberries

A fresh strawberry and a strawberry-flavored candy were analyzed and compared on LECO Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS. Hundreds of analytes were determined and deconvolution provided the ability to fight chromatographic coelutions uncovering differences that were hidden in the TIC and provided more insight to the flavor characteristics. Compound classes were investigated with lactones, ethyl esters, and sesquiterpenes compared between each sample.Learn more...

Discovery of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Broccoli with GC-TOFMS

The Pegasus® BT rapidly provided information on these analytes in order to determine those that were sample-distinguishing. ChromaTOF brand software's automated data analysis tools and peak property filters were used to specifically focus on sulfur-containing compounds. GC-TOFMS let you uncover more than in your standard analysis. Ref. 203-821-531Learn more...

Tasting “Weird and Wild” Jelly Bean Flavors Using HS SPME Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

This note demonstrates the ease-of-use and capabilities of a LECO's Pegasus BT - GC-TOFMS a benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer to effectively differentiate exotic flavor profiles in store-purchased jelly beans. Ref. 203-821-529Learn more...

EPA Method 8270 Semivolatile Organic Compounds Analysis on the Pegasus BT: A Benchtop GC-TOFMS

This application note details the performance of the Pegasus BT for EPA Method 8270, and demonstrates how to meet and exceed the method requirements. The sensitivity surpasses what most laboratories are currently achieving for this method, expanding the typical linear dynamic range and sample throughput. The StayClean ion source will further increase uptime as it is extremely low maintenance. Ref. 203-821-530Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT ! Rapid Screening Analysis for Barbiturates in Human Urine by GC-TOFMS

Data showed that the LECO Pegasus BT instrument is capable of detecting well below the minimum cutoff level required by the mandatory guidelines. Excellent calibration linearity was demonstrated for barbiturates in the urine extracts. Each analysis completed in less than nine minutes Ref. 203-821-528Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT ! Metabolomic Profiling of Corn and Rice Extracts Using a Benchtop GC-TOFMS

Comprehensive metabolomics data was acquired in just over 10 minutes. Metabolites were confidently identified via automated, comprehensive data processing by ChromaTOF software which involved peak find, spectral similarity searches against large well-established databases, and by leveraging retention index values. Ref. 203-821-526Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT ! Analysis of Fats in Food Products with GC-TOFMS

While FID is a standard detector for these analyses, we present some scenarios where MS detection, in particular TOFMS with deconvolution capabilities, offers key benefits to see what you are missing in your fats analysis. The Pegasus BT is well-suited for routine screening applications, such as this analysis for fats in foods. Ref. 203-821-525Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT ! Fast Pesticide Residue Analysis in Food with a Benchtop GC-TOFMS

The combination of excellent linearity over greater than 4 orders of magnitude of dynamic range and sub ppb detection limits in matrix (LOD was ≤ 0.1 ppb for 74% of the pesticides ) demonstrate that the Pegasus BT is a powerful tool for quantitative pesticide residue analysis Ref. 203-821-524Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT ! Characterization of Fruit Tea Beverages

The Pegasus BT provides a complete aroma profile for every sample, from every run. The ability to determine individual analytes offered the opportunity to compare and contrast the samples and learn more from a standard analysis. Ref. 203-821-523Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT! Battling Fuel-Washing: Detection of Accutrace S10 in Commercial Diesel Samples

LECO Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS easily met the requirement. Without the need for any additional separation methods or sample preparation spiked diesel samples were analyzed in less than 15 minutes, allowing for quantitation in the concentration range of 2500 ppb to 10 ppb Ref. 203-821-522Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT! Rapid Screening for Contact Allergens in Perfumes with GC-TOFMS

A rapid GC-TOFMS method was developed to separate and detect a target set of 24 regulated contact allergens in approximately 5 minutes. In addition to the target allergens, the data also provides excellent characterization information for non-targeted aroma analytes within complex perfume samples. Ref. 203-821-519Learn more...

New Pegasus® BT! ASTM D5769: A Solution for Determination of High-Concentration Aromatic Compounds in Finished Gasoline

LECO's Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS a benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer easily satisfies the method requirements for sensitivity, ion ratios, and calibration linearity, providing a robust solution for analysis of the aromatic compounds, without saturation of the ion source. Ref. 203-821-518Learn more...

Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.

LECO’s L-PAL3 Automated Sample Injector
Increase the throughput with LECO autosampler available in different configurations : Liquid/HS/SPME/Automatic Tool Exchange (ATX)


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.

Pegasus BT
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