GCxGC-FID Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector



Increase efficiency and productivity for samples that are too complex for a single-channel detector system using LECO GCxGC technology.  Offering you the resolving power of a GCxGC system combined with advanced ChromaTOF® software that is ideal for everyday quality control and production needs.  The LECO GCxGC solutions provide you with all the tools necessary to achieve exceptional results.

Delivering unparalleled separating power, and up to an order-of-magnitude increase in peak detectability, for speciating sulphur containing compounds in petroleum or quantifying chiral compounds in flavours or fragrances.  LECO’s GCxGC solutions offer advantages that no other system available on the market can deliver to you in a seamless, easy-to-use package.

Benefits of LECO GCxGC-FID:

  • Transfer analytical methods developed on your Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS to a cost-effective GCxGC system for routine analysis.
  • Enhanced separating power for complex sample analysis
  • Easy-to-use ChromaTOF®-based software provides acquisition processing and reporting funtionality within a single package
  • Classification software feature simplifies component identification
  • Vastly increase peak detectability with instant increased peak capacity using GCxGC dual stage thermal modulation technology.
  • Increase in signal-to-noise up to an order-of-magnitude using segmented cryo-focused peaks
  • Gain the ability to separate your peaks of interest AND lower the limit of detection (LOD) of your chromatographic system to levels unachievable in traditional GC methods.
  • Electron Capture Detector (ECD), or Sulphur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD) models are also available


LECO's pioneering efforts in GCxGC data processing have resulted in the most comprehensive software package available.  Offering the industry's most advanced data-mining algorithms, ChromaTOF combines ease-of-use with advanced chromatographic techniques and three dimensional chromatogram visualization to deliver a seamless data analysis package well suited for both routine and research-level use.  Even the most demanding analytical samples will be easily characterised, resulting in increased component identification and laboratory productivity.
  • User-defined classifications–peak grouping based on proximity in the chromatographic plane
  • Bubble plots–peak intensity represented by circle radius
  • Custom generated reports
  • Built-in spreadsheets for advanced data-mining
  • Data exporting for secondary software analysis
  • Advanced Automated Peak Find algorithm
  • Contour and surface plot 3D chromatogram visualization
LECO's GCxGC Thermal Modulator, Liquid N2 consumable-free model is also available, is the key to the enhancement of peak detectability.  The LECO patented modulator, located between the two columns, consists of a robust dual-stage, quad-jet system that creates two distinct cooled trapping zones.  This unique design ensures all of the effluent from the first column is properly focused prior to thermal release into the second column.  A secondary oven is used for optimisation of the second dimension separation. GCxGC separation occurs by the repeated re-injection of effluent from the 1st GC column into a 2nd GC column of orthogonal phase.  With our LECO GCxGC system this is accomplished with a dual-stage, quad-jet thermal modulator positioned between the two columns. Inside of the GC oven, showing GCxGC components and connections: (A) GC inlet, (B) Primary GC column, (C) Press fit connection between primary and secondary GC columns, (D) Quad-jet modulator, (E) Secondary oven, (F) Transfer line, (G) Detector.


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

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Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
GCxGC with Consumable-Free Modulator
Optional inlets available (including S/SL, PTV, and MMI)
Optional Detectors available (including SCD, NPD and ECD) 


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
GCxGC with LN2 Cooled Thermal Modulator
GCxGC with Consumable-Free Modulator