Quantitative Analysis of GHB in Hair in forensics

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Category: Forensics Toxicology, Life Science & Pharmaceutical, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

The potential of the GC-HRT system together with the unique ChromaTOF-HRT’s High Resolution Deconvolution (HRD ) and Target Analyte Finding (TAF) has been revealed to be valid tool for the determination and quantification of the GHB in hair samples and, also to make a screening of other non-target chemicals coming from the same sample such as acids, amino acids, diacids, fatty acids, esters, amides and monoacylglycerides.

In this application note we exploited the gas chromatography-high resolution time of flight mass spectrometry (GC-HRT) for the detection and quantification of a drug of abuse in a hair sample, namely the gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). GHB is an endogenous compound and is also commonly used by bodybuilders as well as for drug-facilitated sexual assaults. It remains in hair over extended periods of time with respect to urine samples and this allowed its detection using this powerful analytical technique. Furthermore, the same sample was used also for detecting non-targeted analytes thanks to the comprehensive nature of TOFMS and ChromaTOF-HRT’s High Resolution Deconvolution (HRD) that allow target and non-targeted compounds to be detected in a single analysis. ChromaTOF-HRT brand software was used to process data for qualitative (HRD, comprehensive processing) and quantitative analysis (Target Analyte Finding or TAF, quantitative processing).