New Pegasus® BT ! Rapid Screening Analysis for Barbiturates in Human Urine by GC-TOFMS

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Category: Forensics Toxicology, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

Data showed that the LECO Pegasus BT instrument is capable of detecting well below the minimum cutoff level required by the mandatory guidelines. Excellent calibration linearity was demonstrated for barbiturates in the urine extracts. Each analysis completed in less than nine minutes Ref. 203-821-528

This note demonstrates superior technology for analysis of barbiturates in human urine. Sample preparation and analysis times were reduced without sacrificing the thorough characterization of samples. Data processing methods included automated NonTarget Deconvolution™ and Target Analyte Finding for both qualitative analysis of sample data and quantitation. Positive compound identifications were made via spectral similarity searches against large, well-established databases. Ref. 203-821-528