Authenticity and Traceability

The demands of consumers for new and exciting designer foods means food manufacturers need to up their product ante. However, traceability of raw ingredients included in processed foods is vital for food safety whilst the authenticity of food stuffs for consumer confidence and brand protection is essential. Today LECO remains the trusted global leader for single elemental detection (C, S, N, O) instruments and is world recognised for high performance and elite Time of Flight mass spectrometers (TOFMS). This is how LECO delivers comprehensive analytical solutions for food analysis and food characterization complimented with advanced software tools giving confidence and performance everyday.


Target and non-target Screening

LECO mass spectrometry technologies have always been designed with speed of analysis, flexibility of operation, durability and reliability of performance as standard. The development of LECO TOFMS for screening and target analysis gives the ability to do more with less and epitomises this technology approach. Imagine the ability to retrospectively interrogate previously un-targeted pesticide residue data without the need to prepare, extract and re-inject samples. LECO delivers the technology, application methods and the experience to reduce running costs, increase output and improve your laboratory performance. Save time, save money, save resources and increase productivity.


Food packaging migration

Migration is one of the food industry’s hottest topics when it comes to the contamination of packaged foodstuff today. An easy and simple approach to this complex sample analysis is to use LECO GCxGC solutions which readily meet the legislative needs. Outstanding chromatographic separation of 2D technologies allows classification of both regions of MOSH and MOAH giving instant answers on your data. LECO technologies enable operators to immediately visualise, identify, quantify and report MOSH and MOAH findings in recycled food packaging with confidence. Reduce the burden of LC fraction collection followed by GC analysis with a fast shoot and analyse approach offered by the LECO GCxGC method development team.


Pesticides residue screening

Globalisation of food supply means the routes taken from farm-to-fork cross the legislative production boundaries. Add to this the fact that pesticide monitoring programs require multi residue methods (MRM’s) for identification and quantification. LECO TOFMS instruments (GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS) ensure accuracy of data from both high resolution chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometry addressing these needs. Confident and accurate target analysis of processed food, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, animal feed and food means laboratories can’t afford to be without the outstanding performance of TOFMS. Do more with less and empower your laboratory to increase productivity and performance whilst ensuring food safety.