Application Support

LECO philosophy is to build customer confidence before the purchase and serve our customers long after the sale of an instrument. New European Application and Technology Center is dedicated for instrument demonstrations, application work, technical workshops, and user group seminars. The application specialists of the center help you in finding the optimum analytical solution for your specific application.
Completely renovated 700m2 facility in Berlin has all infrastructures with lecture room, offices and laboratories. A very spacious modern laboratory accommodates all latest LECO analytical technology including about 25 instruments:

  • Well known LECO elemental analyzers CHNOS by combustion/fusion in organic and inorganic materials, including full range of latest Cornerstone products
  • Macro TGA analyzer; Calorimeters;
  • Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometers
  • Complete line of LECO metallographic sample preparation equipment and the brand new model of fully automated hardness system, as well as equipment for microstructural analysis;
  • LECO Mass Spectrometry has own dedicated area where presented all family of LECO Pegasus TOF-MS products including outstanding Pegasus GC-HRT 4D , which combines separation power of comprehensive GCxGC with the highest performance time-of-flight mass spectrometer on the market.
  • The systems are equipped with various sample preparation devices and automation allowing versatile work on method development for various applications including food safety, metabolomics, petrochemical, flavor/fragrance and others.

Do you have an application question? Would you like to test performance of LECO analyzer on your samples? Want to see the instrument in action?

We are ready to assist you

Contact your sales representative; submit your samples and our laboratory scientist will perform an analysis using the instruments and conditions you request. You’ll know exactly how our instruments will respond to your analysis, making your purchasing decisions a little easier. Since LECO’s laboratory services are available exclusively to current and potential LECO customers, you can be certain your analysis is given complete attention by our experts. Give us as much detail as possible when asking your question. The more information that you provide (sample being analyzed, sample weight, etc.) the better we can answer your question.

Training courses

We offer to our customers after-sales maintenance and application trainings courses helping them getting best value of LECO technology See available training courses: the program and registration